ALT helps with everything breathing. Do you know anyone who has occasional sinusitis, Allergies, Asthma, COPD, or lives in an area with bad air quality? ALT helps you breath easy!

All the ingredients in these products have thousands of peer reviewed studies over many years for safety as well!

Sheila OziasI have bad allergies and during allergy season I take Benedryl at night. I am super sensitive to pharmaceuticals and taking the Benedryl stays with me for 12 hours. I take my ALT about 9 pm and it works great. It has the same effect with out the chemical hangover (for lack of a better term).

Jessica Wallace: So I went to my friends house. She kindly reminded me to take some Benadryl because I have a really bad allergy to cats. They happen to have an indoor cat and I end up constantly blowing my nose. Well… I didn’t want to take Benadryl. I was already feeling tired so I took my ALT. I just got back from her house and realized I didn’t blow my nose once or sneeze! Now that is some good stuff! As an allergy sufferer, typically benadryl is my go to. It’s nice to not need ti with the long term side effects it can have.

Rebecca Hawkins Edwards A few months ago I stopped taking my allergy meds because my husband challenged me about believing the ALT would work better. So, I started taking two ALT a day. Then I got really busy and forgot to take them for a few weeks. A couple days ago one of my eyes started itching, watering really bad. I got some eyedrops thinking that would solve it. Then my nose started itching really bad. So, I decided this morning to take 2 ALT’s and it was immediate. My eye stopped hurting and my nose stopped itching.

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From Beverly A Fletcher Do you suffer with allergies? I did with sinusitis, rash and more, (this) candy that told my allergies to take a hike