HPR (detox)

HPR keeps things moving in the body! helps carry out all the toxins. HPR will NOT make you run to the bathroom, it is very gentle and potent at the same time!

All the ingredients in these products have hundreds and thousands of peer reviewed studies over many years for effectiveness and safety!

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Heather Patty-TongI have been taking this with MLS for about 20 days. I will tell you it’s night and day for me with digestive issues. Less bloat I’m no longer drinking baking soda 3 times a week. I’m able to eat more acidic foods without being miserable. I’m no longer backed up from going 3 times a week and now 2-3 times a day 😳😳 never knew what that was like lol.

Tammy Elifritz NevesI have had issues with itching all over for many years and I found out that I have a weak detoxification gene. Even though I have eliminated the foods that I know causes me problems, it didn’t completely go away. I started the HPR drops ( one a day ) and I noticed an improvement right away. I also don’t get fatigued in the middle of the day.

Lynda Mannion is feeling amazed. · I’ve been under the care of a nephrologist for about seven years due to kidney disease brought on by a prescription drug. He checks my labs every 4 to 6 months and from the beginning my kidney function has been 30 to 31% which is moderate but as long as I keep it at that I will be OK. I went for my four month check up last week after having labs done and he looked at me and he said what are you doing differently.? I said why? He turned the chair around and said there has been a big change. My kidney function had gone from 30% to 43%! I told him the only thing I’ve done differently was i’ve been taking DNA drops for about three months. And he asked me about them a little, I told him and I said I happen to have a few with me and would you like one so I offered him one either for allergy or for energy and he popped up and said energy.! There can be no other answer because I haven’t changed anything else. Another testimonial for these healthy delicious drops that dissolve in your mouth. To be truthful I wasn’t even considering my kidneys. On a regular basis I take SLD,STP, GTS, MLS, RLX, ALT. Have added BRN, GRW, BTY !!