HRT (heart)

Worried about blood pressure? or your circulation and heart function? HRT is here to help!

HRT is also known to help you recover faster from cardio workouts!

All the ingredients in these products have hundreds and thousands of peer reviewed studies over many years for effectiveness and safety!

From Kristin Combs Keller

After being on blood pressure medication for over 10 years, two months ago, I stopped taking it, and my numbers are great! Getting off my cholesterol medication is next. #thanksaplgo

JenAlise Englade


Being an empath isn’t for the faint. Last week has been the most trying work week. The energy has been very heavy. Too many people angry, disturbed, sad, hurting, indifferent, and so many other emotions. I absorbed so much of it and for the last two days have been wiped with no energy, so tired even though I slept well. With this said, today, I felt the start of an anxiety attack coming on. For me, panic attacks and anxiety attacks start with my heart beating too fast. In the past I took a beta blocker called Atenolol when this would happen and my heart rate would come down within 15 minutes. I haven’t had a need for this med for 2 years. Today out of the blue, I felt it coming on again. I thought 💭, “let me try the HRT I have”. I seriously kid you not, in less than 5 minutes my heart rate returned to normal and I felt great. Another win! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Gail saw instant results! Many people do not know, but sometimes headaches are a symptom of high blood pressure, so is blurry vision.. You can help it with HRT!

Theresa Campbell Becker: “In 4 weeks I dropped my High cholesterol from 144 to 75… my blood sugar from borderline high to a normal range… In 4 weeks 🎉AWESOME !My cardiologist said …whatever you’re doing continue ….it’s working great ! ❤️HRT for cholesterol ❤️NRM for sugar. As many of my friends know I had a heart attack February 2 ,this year .I thought I was in pretty good health, I ate good ( mostly organic, steroids free meats ), exercised and kept my weight down but had a mild heart attack anyway. I have always been a strong believer of all natural, holistic alternatives, not wasting my money on over-the-counter vitamins that your body can’t absorb fully. I’m truly blessed to have these AWESOME DNA drops in my life. Our bodies can only absorb what we are DNA made of . These DNA plant-based , 100% all natural, FDA registered, gluten-free, are 100% absorb-able because they bypass your digestive system going directly into your bloodstream for instant results! They have helped me bounce back quickly from my heart attack, while helping me get my numbers in a healthy range. Those that know me, know I truly love to help others and I love to share. This is my opportunity to share what has truly been a blessing in my health. I want everyone to know because I truly know that these drops can help you ❤️

Rebecca saw her BP drop IMMEDIATELY!

Joyce WilsonI use HRT daily – I was starting to get shortness of breath and fluttery pains in my heart area. Since we have heart issues in my family I thought it would be a good idea to add this to my daily diet ….no more heart pain and I also added ALT and my breathing is great

Dawn Van Beers My better half has been taking HRT since Oct. his doctor has reduced his BP meds by half. He is not having the shortness of breath and his chest pains are gone! Looking forward to the day his doctor takes him completely off his meds!

Dee Coats HRT…. My husband had a stroke 2014 and has always had HBP, I am so relieved for what HRT can do. I am always checking but have not monitored after taking the drop today I did took drop he ate lunch so I waited about 30-45 min and took again I am so amazed 😱 on how APLGO can take botanicals (fruits herbs plants) come up with a little lozenge that dissolve in your mouth and you can get such great results 👏👏(I know it’s still higher then normal but I am happy) it has also helped his breathing 😮‍💨 not out of breath as much when walking!

From Tonia Muckenthaler: When we moved back to the North country almost 4 years ago, I seriously thought I was going to lose fingers and toes.I started noticing when I got cold, one or some of my fingers would start feeling strange and turn white! Freaked me out!! Come to find out, it is a common syndrome..who knew..and why had I never heard anyone talk about this?! I tried some remedies, nothing really worked other than not getting cold. Not much for quality of life up here. Until now!! I started taking HRT, for reasons mainly because of heart disease in my family. After about a week, I noticed my hands were not getting cold so fast, but it really struck me when my husband asked me if my hands were cold when I was doing chores with no gloves on?Well, darn those HRT drops are working!Below is a before picture.HRT supports healthy vascular and circulatory processes while maintaining healthy blood pressure and cellular defensesRaynaud’s disease causes smaller arteries that supply blood flow to the skin to narrow in response to cold or stress. The affected body parts, usually fingers and toes, might turn white or blue and feel cold and numb until circulation improves, usually when you get warm. #HRT#numbness#tinglingfingers#tinglingtoes