ICE (gut health)

constipation, sour stomach, indigestion, acid reflux, bad gut flora.. ICE to the rescue! We all have known that MINT helps with tummy issues.. ICE takes it to the next level!

All the ingredients in these products have hundreds and thousands of peer reviewed studies over many years for effectiveness and safety!

This from: Kamala A. RobinsonI have had colon problems for years and it only took one to get things moving! Love it!

this is from a gal who works at UPS with my friend Chase: ICE | I love the acid reflux reduction! Hello my name is RebeccaAn , I’m giving my testimony on here for My friend Chase PandoliI, I work with him thru UPS.I told him i was having bad acid reflux from my condition i have called barrett’s esophagus. He gave me samples of this product he has in his business. An i totally swear by it absolutely works!! This is amazing stuff!!You should give it a try!! #ICE#acidreflux

Darde GamayoSo for no apparent reason I can think of… I became very nauseated today. To the point I almost felt like 🤢🤮. I was about to grab a Zofran 4mg but hesitated because I knew I would get a headache afterwards (headache is a side effect of Zofran).I sat back down then thought ICE! I heard it helps with Nausea! Popped a drop… within a few minutes my nausea subsided and I was feeling better! No Zofran! No Zofran headache!

Gloria Garza Soto: I can’t say enough about this ICE drop. I have had stomach problems for years. lactose Intolerance, IBS syndrome, Cramps really bad after nearly every meal. So twice as I feel cramps coming on I pop a drop under my tongue and within a few minutes my cramps subsided. Tonight I began to feel nauseous and as usual popped a drop of ICE and in less than 5 minutes I was getting relief from that awful feeling and in 10 min totally gone and I was able to eat dinner without any problems.