MLS (multi system)

MLS help maintain your good gut flora, and also helps with many other systems in your body!

This is a great one to start kids off on! YES! these products are safe for children

All the ingredients in these products have hundreds and thousands of peer reviewed studies over many years for effectiveness and safety!

This just in from Amber Schmoyer· Consistency is 🔑I started taking MLS several months ago, but I never was consistent with it. So I didn’t think it worked 🤷‍♀️Many of you know my story, it’s been almost 3 years since my car accident. I’ve been in pain everyday 🙁 I absolutely love STP and SLD, they help to control my pain level without harsh medications and pain killers. I have been in a lot of pain the last few months, looking into surgery again. I decided to really give MLS another shot and consistently take it everyday. What a world of difference. 😲😲 Why didn’t I take this sooner?? Our gut health is so important. A healthy gut contains healthy bacteria and immune cells that ward off infectious agents like bacteria, viruses and fungi. A healthy gut also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones, which helps maintain general health and well-being. 😍My pain has greatly improved and my stomach is feeling much better as well. Everyone should be taking MLS, and consistency is definitely 🔑. Not going to magically happen over night. #MLS#guthealth

Linda McBeeI love this product. It has been my go to the last 16 months. I had Lyme disease and was very very sick. I have experienced many other autoimmune issues including being car sick when I ride. I was NEVER able to read, do anything without getting nauseous. This weekend have been on the road most of the weekend and have been able to help ppl get started, message people, and not have any side affects from motion sickness. I am so grateful for these products and this one specifically! It has truly given me my life back. I had IBS and traveling was hard between the motion sickness and the IBS I was always needing to stop. It has been a nice feeling to say that I haven’t needed to stop every few minutes. 🥰#lymes

ASTA PATASIUS: My testimony on inflamation. I was introduced to APL drops since february this year. I had many issues with my health, including fibromaylgia and inflamation. I got blood done in January, my inflamation points were 2.6. Today I got news from my doctor, that inflamation points droped to 0.3. I dont know how they count, but it really made me happy, since the only thing I was using for Fibromayalgia and inflamation – drops. Also other things got much much better, even vitamin D level went up and basicaly to the point, that no need for extra. Love those drops. I wasnt believer at first, but managed pain and brain fog maid me just stick with it. So happy I did and still do . I was doing detox ALT MLS. Then I pointed to PWR women and PWR men together, with SLD and STP at the begining, added a lot of RLX and sometimes BRN. Now I know my body well, I am doing second detox, included STP SLD GRW GTS and BRN. Also I do ICE every other month. In my opinion, gut and brain are most important points regarding inflamation. PWR both just completes everything with supporting endocrine system with GTS. I feel I need to feed up my cells in a big way and then will go down. No other medication were taken at that time or now. RLX is nr 1

IBS “D” Testimonial: This is from my friend, who will remain nameless, as this disease has always been a bit embarrassing. Not anymore, haha, because his symptoms have disappeared 🙂“I have had what is called IBS “D” which means heavy diarrhea, and abdominal cramping; basically I go to the bathroom way more than the average person. After taking MLS & HPR (once a day, each), 3 – 4 days in…I said to my wife, “My stomach doesn’t hurt.” I didn’t have the cramps I have woken up with since I was 16 (over 20 years). My trips to the bathroom became less frequent throughout the day. A few days later, my wife said, “Honey, you haven’t complained about your stomach hurting at all today,” and I replied, “Because it doesn’t.” This was only 1 week after taking MLS and HPR. It’s really kind of mind blowing, I was used to waking up with intense stomach pain for the last 20 years or so, and to have it all of a sudden stop, I almost got scared haha! What’s going on?! I’ve tried dieting before (keto, vegetarian, etc.) but nothing has worked like this. Since being on MLS & HPR, I haven’t had even one “bad” morning…this is light years difference than where I was before. My pain was usually at 6 to 8/10…and now it’s down to 1/10, or a 0/10! I’m amazed, thank you!

Lindsay Huff: Anxiety/depression+PWR & MLS= reliefI’ve suffered with anxiety and depression for the most part of 12 years. I’ve been taking PWR and MLS 🧬🍬 for about 2 months. With a period of inconsistency at the holidays. 🎄Here is my experience. I am medicated 💊, just enough to keep the depression at bay and still feel emotions. So my everyday feelings were mediocre, with a lack of motivation for daily activities. After only a few days of taking PWR I began to feel motivation again. Then I quickly added MLS. Not for depression but for gut health. I’ve since learned that gut health is a major contributor to mental health. Between the 2 I have a zest for life again! 🤗 I get excited to work on projects and find ways to better myself. 💪🏻When I stopped taking them regularly at Christmas 🎄 I began to feel like my old self again. No motivation, no joy. So let’s just say, I’m a lifetime customer!I almost for got to mention! RLX is amazing for those days when I’m having anxiety! It calms your mind. It doesn’t make you groggy 😴 so you can take it day or nigh. It works better than anything I’ve tried! 👏🏻 (And I’ve tried a lot of things ☺️.)

Tanya FilerDec 18 2021, testimony time. (I apologize ahead of time for the length) First, some backstory for context: I have many health issues. Although I’ve been slowly working with natural health solutions since 2012 when I started using essential oils, and in 2016 after my last ER visit for impaction when I didn’t recover as quickly and started considering an all liquid diet I started another chapter in my health journey with more natural products and better choices. However, it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I got really serious. I haven’t had an impaction since – though I have had some near misses.My husband and I decided to go Ketogenic and had amazing results really fast. My goal, more that dropping pounds was healing my body. The fat loss would be a wonderful by product, and I did drop about 50# in the process, but I had and still have a lot of healing to do. See, on top of chronic physical pain mostly stemming from congenital hips (yes, both), suffering migraines since I was 12 (granted not as bad as most people in that I could still function when I needed to), depression was my best friend and anxiety has taken over my life, allergies, food sensitivities and more (all of which I’m sure play off each other)…I was diagnosed with #eoe (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) in 2007 after my second in a year trip to the er for food impaction. (Chicken or beef stuck in my esophagus). This is something I had lived with all my life and as a 2 year old almost died from it but wasn’t actually diagnosed until 2007. I’ve spent all of my life living with the thought that I had some sort of shelf in my throat because it wasn’t unusual for things to hang up in my throat like water/yogurt/tuna/pills/etc. My mom had the same issue. This disorder effects the whole digestive system. Top to bottom…😉Although going Keto and learning what foods were triggering me has helped immensely, I was still dealing with all the other symptoms – including IBS (although the depression has lessened considerably with the change in what I ate) and inflammation. My blood sugar was starting to balance in that I no longer got “hangry” and didn’t have the spikes and drops that I use to have, but I still had cravings. So 6 weeks ago I decided to go Carnivore to see if there was anymore improvement. It helped a lot. I have a lot of veggies that trigger me, even the keto safe veggies can trigger me. I’ve had a lot of improvement. But there was still more room for improvement.Almost 4 weeks ago I was introduced to APLGo and Two weeks ago I started using some of the products, but was really unsure how this was going to effect me. See, sugar of any kind is a huge trigger for me (insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome) and I’d been totally sugar/carb free for a month at that point. So, when I took the first drop I waited for my body to respond negatively. But, it didn’t. No negative response at all 😃Well, on to today’s realization: I’ve been using the MLS for the last week and have come to realize that one of my IBS symptoms (constipation) seems to no longer be an issue. 😁 I’ve also realized that the chronic discomfort in my esophagus (tenderness and sometimes pain with inflammation) is no longer there. My morning coffee no longer causes discomfort. My gut doesn’t burn when I eat. AND – a big one – no more spasms!!! My blood sugar is holding normal! My hip pain is under control the last few days after a really bad bout for several days before discovering the combo of SLD and STP was the key. My migraine disappeared Monday morning after one STP without having to use any OTC Migraine meds (which usually take 20 min to an hour to kick in then I’m left with a wonky floaty feeling the rest of the day), and no side effects. Now, I did try the ICE first and I can’t say one way or the other if it helped anything because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m thinking I’ll combine ICE with MLS and see if thing balance out better with the combination. Started using BTY and PWR together a few days ago and waiting to see what happens with my hair, nails and hormones as my hair has thinned considerably in the last few years (that is a wig in the pic😉), dealing with “hot flashes” of sorts and I’ve always had brittle flaky nails (although the change in eating has helped a bit) as well as really dry cracking skin (also improved a bit with diet but not 100%) 😁So far, all my fears about getting into this has been totally squelched and I’ve seen nothing but good things! I’m excited to see more ❤️❤️#sld #stp#rlx#mls#ibs#migraine

Amber BurnsJanuary 7, 202 ·My son has had chronic constipation his entire life. I always tried natural solutions as Miralax has nasty side effects. Since having him take the MLS drop daily, this has completely resolved itself. Gut health is so important. I’m so grateful to have a natural, healthy solution that tastes amazing also! #constipation#guthealth

Janet Smith: have been using the MLS for a few weeks now maybe a month. I have problems with gut health and had a twist in my bowel and had to have ER surgery to remove some of it. Since then Dr. says need to stay regular and but still have problems getting a little backed up, i.e. constipated. Since I have been on this no more problems with this at all, things are “regular” now.