STP (pain relief)

Do you or someone you know suffer from occasional headaches, neck aches, backaches, strains, or sprains? Ladies, how about cramps during your monthly cycle? STP is an awesome product! Instead of grabbing aspirin, acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, or any of those others that have well documented side affects on both your liver and kidneys, try STP!

STP works great in conjunction with SLD (joints) as well as RLX (relax). We all know when your in pain you tend to tense up! Ladies this also works great in conjunction with PWR women during your monthly cycle!

All the ingredients in these products have thousands of peer reviewed studies over many years for safety as well!

Deborah Stringer-Pringle

My son Luke has a condition called, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and for him was excruciating pain that would shoot through his legs when he came to rest at night. He would thrash his legs about, kicking and wrenching from the discomfort. He said, “It feels like someone is trying to rip my legs off”!

What was supposed to be the part of the day that he could just lay down and recover from his constant movements through the day the discomfort would hit him like a ton of bricks at night. After going to specialist after specialist we received our answer. The Pediatric Rheumatologist said there’s no cure but to strengthen the muscles around the veins and arteries throughout his body especially the legs.

She described it as throughout the day the elasticity in his body was more than the usual person has and with movement it would stretch the ligaments, veins, arteries and muscles out all day, so like a rubber band when it comes to rest it will begin to tighten up again.

This caused extreme problems for Luke. I would find him in pain, crying at night just trying to fall asleep. We tried so many things to help him. You name it, we tried it. Finally a girlfriend of mine offered for me to try a new product from Europe that may help.

I agreed, and since the lozenges taste like candy, Luke just took them at night thinking Mom was sneaking him candy. I didn’t tell him what they were because I didn’t want a pseudo response from him.

By day 3, of being on the 2 lozenges he was no longer struggling to fall asleep and even better he was no longer waking up in excruciating discomfort. After, 3 months of taking one SLD and one STP at night, now he only takes them when needed. Usually 2 or 3 times a month.

There may not be a “cure” but there is no doubt in our minds that there is “Real Help”! I’m so grateful for what God brought into our lives and continue to look forward to sharing all the successes!!!

He recently was able to meet the man that brought that amazing product over to the US after being in Europe for 9 years. He didn’t speak English, so Luke took my phone and Google translated his gratitude to him.

Simply, Grateful 🙏

Yes yes .. I know .. I got some roots showing and I’m ok with that! Okay… So sometimes you just have to give some props and credit where it’s due! So for the last year .. give or take ..I have been dealing with lots of low back pain and neck/shoulder pain. Most of the time I just deal with the pain. Ice it, and heating pads, lemon grass/peppermint, bio freeze and of course as a LMT .. massages! … sometimes even all those things were not enough to help. So, there have been times where I was desperate for some relief! I would take 6/7 Motrin’s ….. yes.. that many… and as I would take them I would say … Lord, I believe, please help me with my unbelief! No, I do not do this every day … but there have been those days! Most recently.. about a month ago! Today, I went to my sisters house. Hadn’t seen her in quite some time. She was telling me all about this stuff. Anyway to shorten a already long post…I made the comment that my back was hurting… she gave me 1 each of the following.. stop, slide and relax.. and told me to suck on those and not to chew them. pictured below. Now, I’m like hmmm this tastes like candy .. and having a bit of doubt in this helping me in the way she said it has helped her and her gf Arie. Soooo…. Here I am moving all around all be dog gone this has really actually helped my back pain and has helped some of my neck pain! A all plant based product that tastes like fruity candy… just helped with my back and neck pain! What the world! 🤯

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Denny Bowen Go Life September at 6:28 PM Update!!! Denny Bowen September 2:09 PM Who would have thought piece of candy would save my marriage! A by product BJJ is swollen knuckles haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for many years! can sometimes force It on with soap and water, but getting off extremely painful. few days ago, "popped drop", and almost immediately felt inflammation leave my body! My wedding ring has been sliding on and off like this ever since!'

From: Amber Schmoyer October 9 at 3:20 PM ·My new favorite! 👍👍Been taking the PWR for woman for 2 weeks now. It has improved my mood, helped me beat a nasty head cold and helping to improve my libido! 😉😉Let’s face it, I’ll be 40 in a few years, sometimes I need a little help with that! 🤗❤They taste great, and helping to improve my immune system, and other things ( wink wink) Win, win!!

Charyl Reid: I want to share with you why I am so excited. It was confirmed yesterday that I have plantar fasciitis and it has been developing for years starting in my arch. It took 8 months with my custom supplements to take the pain away when I noticed. I have slowly stopped taking it only to have the pain come back. I am taking STP every time I have pain. WOW, what a difference talk about instant gratification. SLD has been great for my joints also and as of today I have no pain, but will continue as this is great nutrition and really helping. It is great to walk normal again and no more walking on the front of my feet like a little old lady. No more pounding of the pain too. The name alone STP and SLD are surely living up to its name this has only been the first week and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Dawn Scarbrough: I have to tell you a little story… it might get long so forgive me. Sunday I went to picnic… I ate a small piece of gluten-free dessert that was AMAZING!!! Not even thinking (you will only understand if you’re gluten intolerant and do not get many sweets) I ate it and enjoyed every bite… unfortunately it had chocolate as crust… and chocolate causes migraines for me. 😭😭😭 within 4 hours it started. I tried to just sleep it off, but woke back up with it Monday morning… I popped 3 STP drops and within 20 minutes the migraine started to dissipate!!! It was completely gone in about 35-40 minutes. I was so excited and thankful… it was gone and I didn’t have to take my migraine medicine. I also didn’t have a rebound migraine!

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Tom Henderson shared a post. Otc 2, 2020 ·I use SLD and STP together. Once or twice a day as needed. If I have been doing yard work or anything to aggravate my back maybe three times. Two little “candy” drops now replace Advil / Bayer / Tylenol for my lower back pain!! Amazing!! From drugs to natural pain relief!! ( yes that is an X-ray of my back )

Tanya Filer Sept 20 2021: I have to share. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a migraine. I’ve lived with them since I was 12. I am blessed in that I can function if I have to, but it’s hard. I know people who can’t. Anyway, I had them under control for a while but they’ve recently returned, they usually wake me up in the morning. This morning I woke to that all too familiar pain (all the smoke in the air doesn’t help 😉). I will usually try to get rid of it without meds if I can (Excedrin Migraine if needed). But this morning I decided to try STP first. Now, with EM, it can take 20 min to an hour for it to work then I’m left in a funky weird effect ball day where I feel kind of foggy brained – and pretty much useless because of it. This morning the pain subsided within 10 min and NO FOGGY HEAD all day! Double blessing!😁